Reformation, Chinese citizens are Allowed Have Two Children

Chinese citizens gathered at the Great Wall of China

One-child policy to control population even trigger the problem.

Newstovote - Chinese government began to loosen think the one child policy (one child policy) are considered to generate new ones begin. This is one item that initiated reforms at a meeting of high-ranking Chinese Communist Party or the Third Plenum in Beijing.

Reported by Channel News Asia, Friday, November 15, 2013, couples in China will be having two children, if one of the parents it is only child. Besides, who may have more than one child are minorities and farmers whose first child woman.

The Chinese government's decision to amend the one-child policy that has been in place since the late 1970s. The policy was initially to control the population level has raised many issues.

One is the human rights violations by officers in enforcing this policy. Many women in China are forced to have an abortion even sterilized so as not to have any more children. Forced abortion story is often sparked public outrage, especially after abortion photo spread on the internet a mother.

In addition, this policy led to a gender imbalance in China. Usually, people choose to abort female children than men, eventually leading to inequality. Last year, there were 118 baby boys are born for every 100 baby girls.

Although this policy is loosened, the Chinese government still warns about a ballooning population will threaten development.

Other population issues, the number of working age in China shrank for the first time in decades. Down about 3.45 million to 937 million in 2012. If it continues to fall, the government worried about the fate of 194 million elderly, or 14.3 percent of the population. The number of elderly increased three-fold compared to 1982.

In addition to population policy reform, the Third Plenum will also stop the ban on settlement building in the small town, improve the social security system of rural and urban communities as well as environmental taxes will apply.

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