Is This The Reason Katie Holmes to Divorced Tom Cruise?

A divorce trial unmasked the pair. 

Newstovote - When Katie Holmes decided to divorce with Tom Cruise, the world gasped. During this time, Tom and Katie are considered as a harmonious couple. They are also mysterious cause of divorce.


Neither Tom nor Katie silent about the causes of domestic rift. However, after 18 months of a widower status, finally revealed the reason Katie to divorced Tom Cruise.

Reporting from Radar Online, it was disclosed in court as Tom sue In Touch magazine. When in court, lawyers asked Tom, Katie is divorcing the actor as to protect Suri from Scientology.

Initially, Tom 's attorney objected to the question. He looked upset by the question.

" I find it very menyinggungku question. Such other relationship, there are many differences. There is no reason to protect my child from my faith, " he said .

However , Tom's attorney again asked , ' Are Katie has never showed any indication of the reason he left you because he wanted to protect Suri from Scientology ?

Tom finally replied, " Did he say that? It was a statement, yes, " said Tom.


When asked if Suri studying Scientology ? Tom said No.

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