Top Secret U.S. Documents Leaked by Snowden

Refugee asylum documents from Russian to Edward Snowden

Obama made ​​dizzy by the Snowden action.

Newstovote - Contractor former NSA (National Security Agency) United States, Edward Snowden, 200,000 leaked U.S. government documents to the media. The number was called by the NSA Director General Keith Alexander in a question and answer session in Baltimore on October 31, 2013 as reported by Reuters on Friday, November 15, 2013.

Reuters reported the statement was based on transcripts of meetings they earn. In the transcript, Alexander asked the dialogue participants how to pace the action against the Snowden.

"I wish there was a way to prevent it. Snowden has between 50,000 and 200.0000 provide documents to reporters. Probably will increase," Alexander said in a transcript that was quoted by Reuters.

According to Alexander, the action leakage of documents that have been very detrimental to the NSA and the country.

Another source of the U.S. officials said the team has been assessing the government's classification of the documents. Their assessment, the dokomen higher classification of the document that was leaked by Wikileaks before.

When wikileaks documents no one has a higher classification of "secret" documents Snowden then classified as "Top Secret" and many that should not be leaked because stamped with "Special Intelligence".

Sure enough, the documents leaked by Snowden has made Barack Obama's administration dizzy ally angry face. Especially, when German Chancellor Angela Markel inflamed know the U.S. bugged her cell phone.

Snowden is in Russia now after getting asylum last August.

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